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The Best of Decade #10YearsOfSlaghuis Slaghuis - 2013

The Best of Decade – Golden Era event celebrated ten years of Slaghuis’ involvement in South African Hip Hop, the event signified the growth of this urban cultural phenomenon culture from 2003 to date. In Celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary – Slaghuis will celebrate with a Street Festival & Fundraiser that will combine all the unique elements of the urban cultural phenomenon; Hip Hop into one space for people to come through and enjoy as a community. The event comprises of a wide range of activities such as a Human Rights Tattoo, Graffiti Expo, Dance Competitions, Rap Battles, Extreme Sports, Exhibition Stalls and live performances. Slaghuis hosted as part of the activities a Netherlands based project tilted Human Rights Tattoo. This is an art project aimed to tattoo the complete Declaration of Universal Human Rights with the full 6773 characters on 6773 human beings around the world. Why? Universal Human Rights mean that the Human Rights apply to every single living human being. You might think that these 30 rights are commonly known by everybody, but that is far from the truth. It is impossible to respect and protect these rights if they are not known. That’s why! To tattoo the complete text we need 6773 individuals to offer a small piece of their skin. Only the size, place or colour of the tattoo can be determined by the receiver of the tattoo, but not the letter.

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