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Slaghuis History: Ezasefrijini Compilation Release with Hype Mag Slaghuis - 2014

In the month of June/July Slaghuis released the Ezasefrijini compilation with Hype Magazine. 20 500 Copies of the Ezasefrijini Compilation will be packaged with the June/July issue of Hype Magazine. If you think about it, since these New Rappers like bragging so much Slaghuis Ezasefrijini tape went Gold on the first Day of release *Joking* In Celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary – Slaghuis has compiled 13 super tracks that where recorded after Slaghuis Hip Hop Sessions when affiliated Artists where invited to the Slaghuis studios. The Sound of the album is a reflection of the diversity that one would experience at a Slaghuis event. The compilation features live beat box cypher recordings, Hard-core International sounds, Crunk, Kasi Rap, Storytelling and Conscious tracks. The Artists featured on the compilation are some of the talented in the South African Mainstream & Underground Hip Hop Industry; these artists include Molly (Spinna le Gusheshe), 985 (Shapa), F Eezy (Starring) Gimboss (Lomtwana), Jay Stash (Its Ok Feat Tuks and Morale) and Riot (Gang of Instrumentals). Slaghuis has paved ways for a number of Artists in the mainstream market, Ezasefrijini is no exception as it features unearthed MC’s like Mbazzo, S.O.E, Gee, Exit, Etcetera & the female crew Wisdom Tooth. The compilation also features The Devastators an International crew from The Netherlands that was in the country recently to perform at the Slaghuis Street Festival.

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