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The Birth of Slaghuis: Joint Elements Slaghuis - 2003

Slaghuis was birthed in 2003 by a group of young creatives from Diepkloof named Joint Elements, the crew turned a dumping site into a recreational space where they could meet up and share their love for Hip Hop. They named the recreational space Joint Elements, it was a space for all things artistic and creative. Joint Elements would host Park Jam Sessions where they would play music and host Open Mic sessions, in April that year the crew was approached by Native Hut members to collaborate on a project titled ‘Black Sunday’. The Native Hut Crew proposed that instead o hosting random park jams Black Sunday would be an event which would happen every Sunday at the Joint Elements recreational space. Joint Elements & Native Hut started hosting Black Sunday Sessions and they became an instant sensation and the word quickly spread that the is a platform that creatives can showcase their work. The two crew hosted the Black Sunday events for 4 months straight with success, its the Black Sunday event grew in popularity the Native Hut crew went and registered Black Sunday without involving the Joint Elements Crew. The word got to the Joint Elements crew and this did not go down well with the team as they felt they where back stabbed and deceived by Native Hut. The Joint Elements crew decided to end working relations and Black Sunday would never be hosted at Joint Elements in Diepkloof Zone 4. The two camps had a fallout & The Joint Elements crew delay with the situation Hip Hop style ‘BEEF’. The Joint Elements crew started Slaghuis; a space where ‘BEEF’ with Native Hut would be dealt with Hip Hop Style. Slaghuis was a breath of fresh air for many as they represented Freedom Of Speech since Black Sunday was censored. Word of Mouth quickly spread that Black Sunday had competition, Slaghuis was championing a component of the culture that was true, which was Skills & Freedom. Slaghuis became sort of a proving ground for real MCs, a place where you had to come rock the mic right, if you said you could rock the Mic right and a platform that was both nurturing and challenging to MCs. The early Slaghuis performances included artists such as Pro Kid, Eye Witness, Cyrus, Drew & Kage, Zulu Mobb before they were established and were still searching for an audience

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