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Celebrating a Year of Slaghuis: Corner Bullet & Knife Slaghuis - 2004

It had been a year of Open Mic park jam sessions in a passage on Immink Drive, the mission of Slaghuis had never changed: bringing real Hip-Hop through incredible performances. Slaghuis popularity as a platform for nurturing talent grew and record companies looking for talent started attending the events to scout for talent. Pitch Black Afro had just gotten a record deal and released ‘Styling Gel’ in 2004, the album went on to Raise The Bar high for the Hip Hop Game. The Album was the first ever to sell double platinum in South Africa, its said that the album went on to sell over 100 000 copies making it the highest selling album in SA Hip Hop to date. Another outfit to be scooped by a record company was Zulu Mobb, the way the Duo killed the Slaghuis stage with songs like Fok Of, Bumpa Sfebe and Cho Dlozi record company Sheer noticed their talent and they got signed in 2004 and released their debut album Corner Bullet & Knife.  In July of 2004 music producer Dome launched one of the best compilations to be released in South African Hip Hop titled Domestic Violins VOL 1 on the Slaghuis Stage, the compilation featured Pro Kid, 985, 2Boy, Melage and the Slaghuis Crew. After a successful Launch at Slaghuis, Domestic Violins vol 1  went on to sell about 5000 copies on the street. It was the hottest CD on the streets that year and went on to Launch Dome’s career as a successful Music Producer. It was the Domestic Violins Launch that lead to Slaghuis getting into trouble with the Government, the event was so packed that we received a call from an ANC Councillor threatening to shut us down if we didn’t stop doing our Sunday events. Young and fearless we proceeded to host and I guess word got to FNB Stadium where ANC was hosting its celebrations that Slaghuis was ON. The ANC Diepkloof Branch along with their Councillor drove from Nasrec to shut us down, they where met with resistance and gave in as Hip Hop who where in attendance at Slaghuis fought for the event to proceed. This moment was caught on the first Issue of Hype Magazine. Slaghuis was later invited to a meeting with the Councillor where it was agreed that the events would be hosted once a month as oppose to every Sunday, all parties reached an agreement and this Opened other Sundays to other Hoods and this is when Splash Jam, Graveside, 1808, Battleground and other Movements where formed around Soweto.

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