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Slaghuis Studios

Slaghuis has shown systematic procession of growth ten folds, graduating from an Event on a Sunday to a youth -oriented online platform titled “Slaghuis TV”. Slaghuis TV provides the Youth what they have been longing for; Expression of their own Voice through informative and entertaining youth-oriented content. Slaghuis also is responsible for for unearthing some of South Africa influential Hip Hop Artists.

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15 Years of Slaghuis

You owe a Thank-You to Slaghuis and you don’t even know it. It’s traveled near and far since its inception as an Open Mic park jam in a passage on Immink Drive. But ultimately, the mission of Slaghuis has never changed: bringing real Hip-Hop through incredible performances.

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Hall of Fame

Vala Amawindow
nasi iStorm,
Sthukzin Kai 1
Kai 2 esthombeni se Pass

Pitch Black Afro


Dear God my days are numbered check the nights that I’ve fought,
Ku’Ntswembu Izitha Zam ziBloma naBangani Bam.
Kwazibani ukufa kwami kuzo Dala Himpintji Yami

Zulu Mobb

Comfort Me

Angkhathaleli uThenjwa,
uGogo wase next door
wang thumelela ngoTikoloshi weCherry


Wena na

Got her in the car laughing like Athi kimi: “Maggazini, awung’thathe s’hambe s’ye kini”/
Ngam’ tshela straight: “I’m too high to drive and I’m way over my limit”/
Wathi kimi: “no biggie/
Let’s do backseats and get kinky” ngathi/
“K my love you’re too cool as fuck” as I’m burning down my sticky



I’m from the S the O the W the E the T the O/
So now you know the rhymes with flows/
When dimes a thrown, when spots are flowing/
Better moves unbearable, this rapper is so incredible/
Respectable the federal so look at me like I’m general



I'm sick of being sicker
than all these sickening Rappers,
You sick of me killing all these Rappers
you get your Raps From.


Just Rap

I just want to get the Cash and put it in the Bank.
Baba Kmele Kushhshwe aka le Full Tank.
Spinna Le Gusheshe hlanyise Le’Skhenke.
Spinna Le Gusheshe


Spina Le Gusheshe

Its good it’s nice labomrapper abogogo yimi imbungulu/
USdumo uyazi ikhekhe ngoMay bengilidla kakhulu/
Ngihlanya kakhulu.ngenza umusic for evrymuntu/
K’shoda ngirephe ngama oyster ngicaterele abelungu

Siya Shezi


Yah siyabazi the khuluma kakhulu type/
Bizan' i-plumber lana kuzoqhum’ i-pipe/
Oh no thina sizow’vala lo mlomo/
Mfanakithi sizok' khiph’ ikani/
Brika man mina ngiphethe izinja zam’/
Joe they can pretty dance so take it easy sani/

Tear Gas

Take it Easy

Heavenly rhymes.(Ja) Helluva dude (Ow)/
I'm a good buy.(Yep) Hello to you (Hi)/
You don't feel the track sphukuphuku ngempela/
Give you a couple of "Smakx" kuze khuz' uShugela/
Don't gotta dig this angith' uyaz' ngiyak'gubela/
Mina awung'shifti (Mxm) thanda kab' ukung'sukela/



It aint No coincidence to see Dome with Your Chick,
Stena tase Dlale Boi I roll with a Brick.
You Really think that’s Your chick huh,
You better watch your Girl.



Zikhipha iChiefs Ne Pirates got to go to the game.
Angifune maAda. Skhiphe nama clipper wotshwala.
Can’t do overtime cause my aunty she’s die.
Have to go cry or they’ll think I’m otherwise

Hidden Force

Because I was Drunk

Your songs are lies/
We need some stronger guys/
To put it back on the rise/
Because of you hiphop’s dead/
So you need to be gone for life/
Heres evidence that the veterans are much better than all this gentlemen


Now or Never Remix

Mental antagonists with gun and badge taking a piss on you/
Misogynist fags in blue who harassed that ass when the whistle blew/
Taint my reputation in public places for a thrill or two –/
It’s straight to the station, fingerprints in the ink plus interviews/
But cynical tools and a little shrewd Jewish lawyer the rich been using/
To elude criminal prosecution…

Ben Sharpa


Visit Slaghuis Studios: mon - sun: 09.00am to 05.00pm

open at all days

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Slaghuis Cypher Sundays

Diepkloof SUN: 02PM - 8PM

Slaghuis Cypher Sundays is a Hip Hop Television program with a main focus in showcasing urban talent and providing a positive entertainment program for a vastly diverse audience, Slaghuis Cypher Sundays gives a unique insight into Hip Hop culture. The program is an exclusive showcase of Hip Hop elements, exclusive interviews and performances from popular Artists and up and coming Musicians.